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Our Major Areas of Expertise

Advanced Planning

With a level of experience averaging 25 years in the planning and execution of programs our Project Managers are able to listen to your ideas and create viable solutions to any of your manufacturing needs. From Initial Proposals to gain investor or management approval to creation of viable Budgets and Facility Layouts, Magnys has the wisdom and experience to bring your ideas to life.

Program Management

Often a company has a great idea or a great product but lacks the knowledge or personnel to manufacture this product. Magnys Innovative Solutions has both the knowledge and personnel to solve this problem. We have the experience to develop and manage a program from start to finish. From solving prototype manufacturing issues to facility layout to timing and budget Magnys has the tools and people that can bring your ideas to reality.

Simulation Studies

Simulation of a work cell or entire facility used to be a painfully long process. With the advent of computer simulation this task has become more efficient, more reliable and much faster. Magnys has the software and simulation engineering capability to help you determine the feasibility of your manufacturing proposal and estimate the overall throughput that can be realized by the process. We have helped many customers promote their ideas to management via simulation and validated many new or rework proposals with state of the art Models.

Material Flow

Magnys has performed many material flow, workstation development and line side display projects dating back to 2005 when we managed a large, multiple plant sequenced parts program for a major OEM. We understand material flow from supplier to workstation and pride ourselves in the development of databases that tie materials to tooling and operator instructions. Our PFEP spreadsheets and materials databases offer our customers an upstream look at material delivery which in turn reduces or eliminates production stoppage due to material shortages.

Facility/ Tool Layout

Our Facility Layout experience began in the early 1980’s. Collectively, we have created, prepared and promoted thousands of plant floor layouts from new  greenfield sites to filling vacated floor areas to somehow getting a product through a seemingly impossible path. Using extensive field checking, floor mapping and 3D CAD we have produced layouts that work. We are known by many in the industry as creating bid documentation layouts that are so detailed the Contractor simply needs to add dimension and shop notes to complete their construction or fabrication drawings.

Lean Manufacturing

Magnys is well versed in the principles of LEAN Manufacturing. We have helped past customers develop LEAN programs and helped others carry out LEAN programs. Our engineers have performed 5S proceedures on plant floors and equipment, implemented shadowboxes, designed material call systems, created visual aids and helped customers excel in LEAN audits. We have experienced many forms of LEAN manufacturing from many customer adaptations of LEAN principles which helps us understand the intent due to the wide exposure we have experienced.


Magnys updates or replaces all of our computers and equipment frequently so that we stay on top of industry technology. We stay current on all software releases and constantly strive to find new cutting edge tools to help us help our customers.We are able to solve your problems with:

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