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Agricultural Heavy Equipment

  • Caterpillar Plant:
    “After Magnys efforts the Facilities CPS score improved 282% and the 5S value stream score actually doubled”
  • John Deere PFEP:
    “The highly detailed PFEP process resulted in an accurate and quick launch”
  • John Deere Horicon:
    “Significant reduction in direct costs, unique racks and number of materials personnel”
  • John Deere Factorycad:
    “Saw a significant reduction in launch costs at an accelerated timeframe”
  • John Deere Waterloo:
    “Reduced changeover time and increased uptime saving us an estimated $80 million”
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  • Ford/DCP THINK:
    “Saved millions by proving it could be done within the existing facility”
  • GMNAC SEQ. Job:
    “Delivered results 17% better than our 46% reduction goal”
  • Ford/DCP USPS:
    “Vehicle quality concerns reduced from 3.0 to .28 per unit and Warranty costs down 97.3%”
  • Bluebird Bus:
    “Reduced assembly manhours by 56% saving us $55 million over ten years”
    “Streamlined our operation saving more than 40% in labor costs”
  • Ford MP&L P-552:
    “Completed the program with less people in less time at both plants”
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  • NNS ORP:
    “Study allowed us to approach the Navy with a confident plan”
  • Huntington Ingalls- Pipe Bending Capacity Study:
    “Reduced equipment requirements 40% and yearly maintenance costs 75%”
  • Huntington Ingalls- Technical Analysis of Vertical Gap Press:
     “Study recommended upgrades to Electrical & Hydraulic systems saving Millions on a new press purchase”
  • NNS- Plate Blast & Finish Material Handling System Analysis:
     “The recommended parallel system installed in the same building increased production 64%”
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