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Vehicle quality concerns reduced from 3.0 to .28 per unit and Warranty costs down 97.3%


Costs reduced by 97.3%

When a new Ford Explorer model was scheduled to replace the current model at the company’s St. Louis Assembly Plant, FMC realized they had a problem: it was not feasible to manufacture the right hand drive postal vehicle model at their assembly plant. Ford had unfilled orders for 11,000 units and needed to quickly find a place to manufacture them. Ford turned to the Detroit Chassis Plant (DCP) to solve this problem and DCP turned to Magnys Innovative Solutions. Magnys was contracted by DCP to provide program management, process engineering, facility layout and tooling layout for this highly visible program.

In the end Magnys exceeded all expectations. We provided not only program management, process engineering, facility layout and tooling layout, but also included M&E budget management, workstation development and operator work assignments. Furthermore, we created a database that combined operators, tooling and material display by work station into an M.S Access file. This database proved essential when line rebalance was necessary.

The USPS program launched on time and under budget. Vehicle quality concerns were reduced from 3.0 per unit to 0.28 per unit, and dealership warranty costs reduced by 97.3% per month.