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Saved millions by proving it could be done within the existing facility


Corrected 700 prototype concerns

When the Federal Government mandated that all large scale automotive manufacturers reduce overall fleet emissions. Ford responded with the manufacture of a low speed, low emissions vehicle. FMC turned to the Detroit Chassis Plant (DCP) for a proposal to produce the vehicle and DCP tapped Magnys Innovative Solutions’ expertise to create a feasible production process, manufacturing facility and trained workforce.

Magnys’ team of project managers, facility engineers, tooling engineers and process engineers were responsible for the entire program – start to finish. Magnys identified and corrected 700 prototype concerns making the vehicle “manufacturable.” Magnys also proved to FMC and DCP management that the vehicle could be assembled within the confines of the existing facility without impacting existing chassis production. Magnys provided design and layout of the assembly facility, bid documents, contractor selection, procurement of tooling and production aids, conveyor and tooling support structure engineering, installation management, build cart design, workstation development, materials display, an operator work assignment database and facility utility upgrades to accommodate the new assembly line.

Magnys saved the program millions of dollars in the development of the vehicle and assembly facility. The program was completed in time and under budget. A “Job well done” accolade was received from many within the Ford community. The prime facility contractor commented that “your bid drawings are so detailed, all we had to do was add dimensions,” saving them money as well.