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Saw a significant reduction in launch costs at an accelerated timeframe

John Deere Waterloo

Significant reduction in launch costs

Several years ago, Deere & Company was working with a pair of engineering services providers to solve unique production bottlenecks and facility layout problems. Unfortunately for Deere, neither of these companies was able to obtain the results Deere anticipated.  With multiple programs destined for their Waterloo, IA plant, Deere turned to Magnys Innovative Solutions to develop the ideal layout. Magnys went to work and soon presented multiple layout scenarios to Deere’s manufacturing management team. Deere chose a path forward and asked Magnys to partner with them to implement their plan.

Magnys quickly delivered a FactoryCAD 3D layout that solved Deere’s concerns. These layouts included every tool, part, equipment and utility in 3D. Working onsite in Waterloo, Magnys project managers and associates developed database tools and utilized data extracted from the layout to document material location lineside. Magnys developed contractor SOWs (scope of work) and provided coordination to the contractors and Deere assembly line set-up team.

The end result of this collaboration was reduced changeover time and more uptime, equating to an estimated $80,000,000 increase in revenue due Magnys efforts. The program has been so successful that Deere has continued to turn to Magnys for subsequent programs. In fact, the Magnys team is still onsite today, and continues working with Deere’s manufacturing teams at multiple locations.