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Significant reduction in direct costs, unique racks and number of materials personnel

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Significant reduction in direct costs

Deere & Company realized they faced significant operational cost challenges from manufacturing and transporting vehicle sub-assemblies between multiple facilities separated by hundreds of miles and Deere determined that these facilities were plagued by inefficient processes, limited manufacturing space and restrictive production levels. Deere’s management turned to Magnys Innovative Solutions to help them develop a “Greenfield” site to address these issues by centralizing manufacturing at a single location. Their goal was improved operational efficiency, reduced logistics costs, reduced assembly process times, improved quality, increased production and lower overall costs. Deere accepted Magnys recommendation to implement state-of-the-art tools and facilities at the new facility.

Deere had set an ambitious stretch budget target for their new 2000 rack / 5000 parts / 3 plant program. The Deere/Magnys team easily met this goal on an accelerated timeline. Deere saw significant reductions in direct costs on assembly operations, reduced the number of unique racks needed, and reduced the quantity of personnel required to manage materials. The Magnys  effort contributed significantly to additional manufacturing efficiencies, as well as within Deer’s supply chain community– from component suppliers to integrators, from integrators to OEMs, and on to the assembly floor.