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Caterpillar Plant

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After Magnys efforts the Facilities CPS score improved 282% and the 5S value stream score actually doubled

Caterpillar Plant

CPS score improved 282%

In a recent CPS audit a Caterpillar plant in the Midwest received a dismal CPS score of 11 with 8 major areas of concern. Plant management was very unsatisfied with their performance and contracted Magnys to partner with their CPS engineering team to improve their value stream scores standardize work, improve throughput and reduce waste.

Magnys performed a simulation study and created a Lean Plant Layout that was projected to double throughput at the facility (reducing 3 shifts to 2). We implemented 5S fundamentals in 42 work stations then trained the workforce on 5S. Magnys created and developed Tool Shadowboxes to track tools. Our engineers created and implemented visual Material Zones for loaded vs. empty vs. non-conforming containers eliminating the needfor forktruck drivers to search for materials. We developed a visual scheduling database to reduce scheduling time and conflict. Magnys also designed a Rapid Response program with an Andon system eliminating stockouts and reducing station re-supply timing.