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services since 1999

Magnys Innovative Solutions is a minority owned manufacturing process engineering company that has delivered value based engineering services to our customers, since 1999. Our highly experienced team understands the competitive nature of industry and the need to deliver new services to market in a timely fashion. Industry is ever changing and Magnys is committed to staying on the leading edge by utilizing the latest software available for data base management, engineering studies, CAD drawing and/or training. Our commitment to excellence allows us to deliver engineering services that develop more efficient concepts and designs which passes savings on to our customers. We are principled leaders who consistently exceed our customers” expectations.


Why Hire Magnys:

The world is full of consultants, some better than others, almost all of whom promise they can spin gold from straw. Too often, these consultants come in, look around and offer their pre-determined recommendations.

Magnys approaches things differently. We live in the real world, where delivering on time and on budget is a fact of life, not a goal. Whether your challenge is with a new facility or an existing operation, our team will analyze your unique circumstances and develop actionable plans that enhance profitability through maximized efficiency and optimized flexibility.

Our people help businesses “lean out” their manufacturing. We help organizations streamline their processes. We partner with our customers to analyze manufacturing operations and provide our clients with the impartial data they need to make proper business decisions.

We help improve profitability by identifying opportunities to maximize efficiency and optimize flexibility. We present actionable recommendations. We are an extension of your team, working to implement immediate and long-term solutions.

Our Mission:

Through a world-class combination of experience, training and proven methodology, we provide our clientele with cost-effective manufacturing results that stand the test of time.


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