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Agricultural/ Heavy Equipment

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Our background in the Agriculture / Heavy Equipment Industry dates back to 2004 with a Heavy Truck Rerate Study to a 2006 Fire Truck OEM manpower study to a 2008 Off Road Equipment LEAN MFG. study and continues on today where we are performing many studies and improvements at a major Agricultural equipment OEM.



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We offer extensive experience in nearly every aspect of Automotive assembly. From Low Volume to High Volume, from Bodyshop to Paintshop to TCF. From Materials to Tooling Magnys has the expertise to create, promote and complete any program imaginable, and our job history can prove it.

No matter what the industry is, many aspects of facility engineering remain the same. Magnys has performed many successful studies for the Defense industry in Facility Improvement, Equipment Optimization, Construction Specification, Throughput Performance and Proposal Evaluation.

Measurable Values Delivered
To Our Customers

  • John Deere PFEP:
    “The highly detailed PFEP process resulted in an accurate and quick launch”
  • Ford/DCP THINK:
    “Saved millions by proving it could be done within the existing facility”
  • GMNAC SEQ. Job:
    “Delivered results 17% better than our 46% reduction goal”
  • Ford/DCP USPS:
    “Vehicle quality concerns reduced from 3.0 to .28 per unit and Warranty costs down 97.3%”
  • John Deere Horicon:
    “Significant reduction in direct costs, unique racks and number of materials personnel”
  • John Deere Factorycad:
    “Saw a significant reduction in launch costs at an accelerated timeframe”
  • NNS ORP:
    “Study allowed us to approach the Navy with a confident plan”
  • Bluebird Bus:
    “Reduced assembly manhours by 56% saving us $55 million over ten years”
    “Streamlined our operation saving more than 40% in labor costs”
  • Ford MP&L P-552:
    “Completed the program with less people in less time at both plants”
  • John Deere Waterloo:
    “Reduced changeover time and increased uptime saving us an estimated $80 million”

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